Public Classes Spring 2019

Left Coast Power Yoga

Grand Studio

3702 Grand (at Weldon)

Tuesday 6:30 pm Rocket Vinyasa

Thursday 6:30 pm Rocket Vinyasa

Uptown Studio

554 16th Street (at Clay), Oakland 

Saturday 9:30 am  Strala Classic

Sunday 6 pm Slow Flow

Remedy Barre and Foam Rolling

4810 Telegraph Avenue, Oakland

Oh hey, I also teach barre! Join me for a mash-up of cardio, strength and mobility training, with a delicious foam rolling section at the class's conclusion.

Sunday 4 pm

And I sub. For weekly updates including subbing, follow me on Instagram!


lyz's public classes follow the strala philosophy of exploring your natural breathe-body connection. 

Requests are always welcome! Let me know if there's a shape or a goal you're working toward, or a part of your body you'd like to lengthen or strengthen.

Strala devotees will recognize elements of the Energize class- with special additions from all the other Strala styles!  

photo: Katie Thyken

photo: Katie Thyken