Lyz leads her yoga classes with a focused, rythmic flow of poses—with a style inspired by her many years as a dancer. Her teaching is at once rigorous and also gentle. She always leaves it open for you to explore and move as your body demands given whatever limitations you’re facing at the moment.

As an intermediate yogi with a few years of experience, I find Lyz’s classes refreshing and challenging. The best yoga classes are when Lyz’s dog Jack London comes to class and does yoga too!
— Thomas G.

Lyz’s classes are difficult and rigorous but at the same time really accessible for beginners. She’ll take you through complex poses but will suggest variations for your body type and yoga level. It’s also inspiring, because she’s a super accomplished practitioner herself and will demo some of the more challenging poses. I especially enjoy that she encourages you to go at your own pace, gives you personal attention, and celebrates each student’s unique abilities. She’s also a body-positive instructor, which is not always the norm in yoga and definitely makes her classes more welcoming.
— Anika G.

It’s always a treat to be in town for one of Lyz’s classes! She has a unique way of getting you to forget the stresses of the day and focus on being present. I love the natural flow, which feels both organic and challenging at the same time.
— Jodie S.

I truly enjoy going to Lyz’s classes, even as a relative beginner I feel both comfortable and challenged. I love that Lyz always asks how I am doing and how my body is doing. She is genuine, kind and cares about her students!

Lyz brings a great energy to her work and also has the training and grace of a dancer. Her classes always flow naturally and make sense. Her instructions are clear and precise and easy to follow! She also makes a darn good music mix.
— Rory R.

Whether you’re a beginner or very experienced, Lyz’s yoga guiding will match your skill level perfectly. Her passion for yoga shines through her teaching. She brings balance to the practice that will give you a fantastic, well-paced workout. She does not speed through poses or make you feel like she’s just teaching by rote. She will push you and challenge you—gently—and encourages exploration of your movements. Her classes will leave you feeling energized, refreshed, and accomplished!
— Jerry D.